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Friday, February 11, 2011

The Newlywed Game

In celebration of Valentine's day, I want to do something fun, creative, and memorable with my chubby hubby to be. That's Jay's pet name and yes he likes it ;)  And no, we are not quite newlyweds yet... but after 3 1/2 years of dating and enduring countless ups and downs I think our love, commitment, and dedication to eachother puts us right up there with the best of em'.

So here's the plan, we'll be playing a game much like Monopoly but instead of rolling the dice we'll be asking a series of questions. Rounds one and two will be fun, silly, sweet and oh so easy. Then round three will be the toughies, both ones we may not yet know about eachother and ones that will definitely be thought provoking. As we answer the questions right, we each get to move our play piece (conversation heart) along the board. And if we get one wrong, Buzz, straight to the "dog house" like jail in Monopoly.

In the end, it's not hotels that we'll acquire but a walk down memory lane. Instead of park place, we'll pass by the restaurant we met at for our first date and pay another visit to Savannah, our first mini vacation together. Ofcourse, the ultimate goal is quality time and some romance. So at the end... the winner gets the lovely partner by their side. Aww so sweet and corny, I know :)

Here's some of my favorites that we'll ask...

If you could only use one word to describe "us", what would it be?
What is something you think I have plenty of, but won't stop buying?
When it comes to upper body, my spouse is... puffed, buffed, stuffed, doesn't have enough!?
What color is my toothbrush?
What item of clothing do I wear that you can't stand?
What excuse do I use the most?

We are sure to get lots of laughs from the silly answers we'll exchange... and I'm sure a few trips to the dog house too!! Wishing you all the love in the world this Valentine's Day...

Friday, September 17, 2010

Let's Play A Love Game....

 To get everyone in the wedding spirit Saturday as we shower the bride, I've planned some fun games. I was on the hunt for something easy but not cheesy since I'll be traveling out of town to host the fete. First, we will play "guess how many." I filled an apothecary jar (what can you not do with these amazing containers!?) with cinnamon candies from Dollar Tree. 72 per bag to be exact. The wedding color for the Fall nuptuals is burgundy and I think this is a classy looking yet inexpensive option. Like Price is Right, whover comes closest to the correct number without going over wins. Next, the ladies will be scratchin their noggins unscrambling these wedding  terms. I used a 40% coupon at Hobby Lobby for this precious paper making it $1.60 a pack and it just so happens to coordinate perfectly with the napkins found at Tuesday Morning. I love when details come together. For the winners, little organza bags from AC Moore for .50 cents ea with pumpkin spice jar candles inside, also .50 cents ea. A steal!!! I know we'll make some memories  laughing together with the bride to be.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Baked Bliss

Couture Confections

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a sixpense in her shoe! Here comes the bride!!! In honor of my favorite cousin to be, Jennifer Stepp, I am hosting an all desserts bridal shower next weekend in Greenville, SC. The invitations have long been sent, decorations purchased, and all the fun ingredients to create these wedding dress cookies were burning a hole in my apron. 

My sweet and oh so talented mom and I made these delighful cookies inspired by ones seen online. At home Martha, AKA my Mom now that she's retired, envisioned sugar spice and everything nice as we "whipped up" a batch of love for the blushing bride.

How could she of forgotten the fiasco we had last fall with the thanksgiving cookies!? Moms are the best and yes "we" will be decorating those again this year.  I am always less than thrilled when my attempts at being  Martha, Paula, and Sandra Lee don't come to fruition.

As I whined that it wasn't nearly as easy or as fun as I'd anticipated, we simply must not have bought the correct supplies, and that it would have been a much better idea to purchase them off line where we were had been so inspired , my mom hummed away so happy to be baking up some goodness in the same kitchen she has for over thirty years.

Some things just must come natural... for me, this means lots of shopping, BUYING the food, and being a gracious hostess with perfectly placed tableware, florals, and great company. For mom, it requires carefully planned menus of  tried and true recipes made from scratch. It brings her so much joy and pride to prepare a delicious meal for her family or guests and she doesn't break a sweat.

Served on my grandmother's blue and white China,  these precious cookies were made with all the love and good intentions we wish for the new bride to be. And that is something you can't ship to your front door.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hostesses with the Mostest

Pretty pink wreath to welcome guests made for the fantastically frugal price of $3! All from $ tree, wire ribbon, wreath, and scrapbook stickers transform this front door.

Pink polka dot lined basket full of goodies. Ribbons, bows, onseises, and a travel J&J set. My friend Katherine who welcomed Hailey last May said this travel set came in very handy with a newborn. She's been a fabulous refrence for what is and isn't used from a diaper cake or gift basket.
I hope Kedron and Kallie Grace enjoy the gifts and look back on the special day with memories of being showered with love.

Pickles and Ice Cream

Shower Menu

Pink Lemonade Punch
Chicken Salad
Fruit Tray
Wedding Cookies
Cheese Dip and Beer Bread
Pink & White Yougurt Raisins

Charlotte, Scarlet, and Tanya did a fantastic job on the menu. Throwing a shower with Kedon's friends was a nice change from hosting the party on my own. The food was delicious and presented beautifully. This pink lemonade punch is my go to beverage for all spring/ summer parties. It's easy and delicious! Two cans of frozen pink lemonade, tequal parts water and liter of sprite, lemons and strawberries. This beautiful punch bowl was given to me by Aunt Rena. It means the world to me that she's handed this special piece down to me. I found these adorable plates and napkins at Cedar Terrace Card & Party, but they are also available at Party City. Again, I wanted something modern and different from the usual. Scattered amongst the platters were pink carriages found at $ store, and confetti diaper pins, rocky horses, and rattles. Bon Appetit!

A Girl Loves Flowers at Any Age

To celebrate the arrival of sweet Kallie Grace, a palette of warm pinks, greens, and white daisies warmed up the house on the cold day of the shower. It may have been freezing outside, but inside looked like spring. I called on my faithful friend Carmen of Branham's florist for ideas on feminine, pretty flowers that would be blooming and available for a January shower. Carmen has always delivered the most beautiful, fresh florals at a great price. For my ever increasing need of hospitality budget which I never stick to, he is the one area of my planning that I can always depend on. I've decided I'm quite the florist afer this venture. He's encouraged me to jump right in there like cooking, and keep turning the vase and "adding to it" until it's "right". I was inspired by gorgeous images online for pink flowers with limes. For an amateur, I think even Martha would be proud ;)
Green spider mums, minature baby pink carnations, white daisies, and hot pink Gerbers brighten up the whole room. I don't know why carnations get such a bad rap? I think they added a nice little to touch to the arrangement. Guests loved the surprise bouquet placed in the bathroom. Why not!? I LOVE these simple square glass vases from the $ store! I've gotten dozens of them that I've used over and over again for parties and showers with candles too. Filled with flowers this even makes a great gift!  Each vase holds one lime cut into slices. I've heard this works well with lemons and hydrangeas too, but that the more delicate ones don't last long with the acidity. The pink roses were a gift from Branham's in honor of Kedron and baby K! Flanking both sides of the centerpiece on the fireplace, Kedon's aunt made these "diaper presents." A stack of diapers tied with pink bows! How simple are both of these touches... but what an impact!

Tickled Pink She's Having a Girl...

When one of my sweetest friends in the world Kedron found out she was expecting, I couldn't be happier and more excited for her. This meant lots of shopping for cutesy pink bows, blankets, and bibs... and all things baby shower! My favorite! She and her husband Brandon are one of the cutest, most fun loving couples Jay and I know. It was such a blessing to watch a miracle happen before our very eyes as Kedron's long awaited dreams were coming true. We can't think of a more deserving and wonderful family and know that K~ bug and  hubby will make the best parents ever.

As planning began for Kedron's shower, this no fuss mama to be gave the hostesses all the freedom we needed to make her special day one she would always remember. If only I could learn to be as laid back and easy to work with and Kedron! I'll have to remember this when my big day arrives. The theme for the shower was ofcourse, pink, with greens, browns, and polka dots! This coordinates with her precious nursery. The ladies did a wonderful job on the delicious food and diaper cake and I made these adorable invites. I was inspired by this sweet little poem:

Tiny Fingers, Tiny Toes, Little Itty Bitty Clothes,
Dresses, Ribbon, Hair to Curl,
We're Tickled Pink
She's Having a Girl!

I called on my shower and party planning pal Lisa to help me create the invites. She and I have gotten to spend lots of quality time together creating and crafting as the eternal bridesmaids and hostesses... ha! I wanted something new and different from the carriages and duckies available in stores. I envisioned a sweet little clothesline and voila! My graphic designer guru came up with this! We purchased an invite kit from Hobby Lobby and she worked her magic! Lisa found this image online and altered it to fit our color scheme. My favorite part is the tiny strawberry on the onesie! We were all so pleased with the way they turned out and got lots of compliments. Ofcourse, the invites wouldn't be complete without my signature ribbon on top! It matched the colors perfectly and I used it throughout the shower to coordinate our theme.