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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Girl Loves Flowers at Any Age

To celebrate the arrival of sweet Kallie Grace, a palette of warm pinks, greens, and white daisies warmed up the house on the cold day of the shower. It may have been freezing outside, but inside looked like spring. I called on my faithful friend Carmen of Branham's florist for ideas on feminine, pretty flowers that would be blooming and available for a January shower. Carmen has always delivered the most beautiful, fresh florals at a great price. For my ever increasing need of hospitality budget which I never stick to, he is the one area of my planning that I can always depend on. I've decided I'm quite the florist afer this venture. He's encouraged me to jump right in there like cooking, and keep turning the vase and "adding to it" until it's "right". I was inspired by gorgeous images online for pink flowers with limes. For an amateur, I think even Martha would be proud ;)
Green spider mums, minature baby pink carnations, white daisies, and hot pink Gerbers brighten up the whole room. I don't know why carnations get such a bad rap? I think they added a nice little to touch to the arrangement. Guests loved the surprise bouquet placed in the bathroom. Why not!? I LOVE these simple square glass vases from the $ store! I've gotten dozens of them that I've used over and over again for parties and showers with candles too. Filled with flowers this even makes a great gift!  Each vase holds one lime cut into slices. I've heard this works well with lemons and hydrangeas too, but that the more delicate ones don't last long with the acidity. The pink roses were a gift from Branham's in honor of Kedron and baby K! Flanking both sides of the centerpiece on the fireplace, Kedon's aunt made these "diaper presents." A stack of diapers tied with pink bows! How simple are both of these touches... but what an impact!

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  1. You are so talented! These flowers look PERFECT and like a professional did them. Great taste!


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